Friday, April 9, 2010


I think that I should have a Creative Commons liscence. I don't want people spreading my pictures and stories around the world. I also don't want people making changes to the things I post. I don't want people to make copies of my work or make a profit on it either. Unless I were to give consent, I'm the only one that can change and do what ever I like with whatever I post. I really don't like to share and I don't want people taking credit for things I might've done, even if they make changes to it. I like things to be 100% origional. What do you think?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beasts of England

For our English class we had to sing Beasts of England which is what all the animals sing in the book, Animal Farm, by: George Orwell, after the rebellion. The book is about how the animals don't like the poor treatment they get from their owner, Mr. Jones, who is a drunk, so they gang up and kick Mr. Jones off the farm. They then take over all the chores and responsibilities equally but then when a certain pig, Napolean, starts to take more control over things and gets more power, he becomes their leader and ends up telling the animals exactly what to do. This song was sung to enspire the animals on Animal Farm and to keep them together and have the same beliefs.