Friday, February 26, 2010


My biggest hurdle in school is people that piss me off. It's hard to do my work and learn when they're obnoxious and won't shut up. I know there is nothing I can do so I just try and get through it and try to enjoy learning about music or math or small animal management. If I could learn anything right now it would be things that will further myself in being a veterinarian because that is what I want to do as my profession. If I could choose what I learned about in school it would be just about animals. When I get out of high school I would like to go to college at Iowa State University for my vet classes and all the other stuff I need. Five years from now I see myself living in a dorm room at Iowa State college making new friends and what not and trying to visit home when ever possible. I figure I would probably be studying a lot but definately finding time to party with my friends and take a break from school.   << Link for Iowa State University  << Link about animals and their rights.

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