Monday, October 5, 2009

CAMPING!! - Green Lake. The BEST campground ever! My family camps there for a week every June. - Picture of a Camfire because that's where all the fun stuff happens.

Every year my family and I go camping. We usually take three trips in the summer. Of course though, my family's definition of camping is a little bit different then another's. When we go we're talking about six campsites, it's a huge family event of course, with campers, RVs, microwaves, fridges, air conditioners, and TVs. Yeah, that's right, we really ruff it! Things my family does together? EAT! Always. We start in the morning and don't really stop. We usually play volley ball, swim, go horse back riding, flee markets, and we always have a traditional chimney log!! We always have great stories to tell when the trip is over and have fun and every year. I never can wait for the next trip to take.

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