Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a FANTASY! Use your Imagination =)

If you could have ONE day..Devoted entirely to whatever you desire..What would it be? Your own holiday. Me? Well I would have a day of me of course. Everyone celebrates me! Selfish? Yeah, maybe. Now I know what your thinking, don't you pretty much have that every year on your birthday? I guess, but this day is not going to be with just my family and friends. It's going to be national! There's going to be no school and no work what-so-ever on "My Day" because, c'mon, no time for that stuff when were celebrating me! There will be cheeseburgers for breakfast and candy for lunch. Presents for everyone, especially me! Movies and popcorn at the movies half price, but of course I'll get in free. That's what I would do if I could make my own holiday. What would you do?

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