Thursday, October 22, 2009

My FAVORITE Holiday!!

CHRISTMAS! My favorite holiday is Christmas, and not because of all the presents, but of course that is a plus =). I LOVE Christmas because I'm spending it with all of my family. I just love the traditions and parties and food! We have a handfull of traditions and just perks about Christmas and even winter itself, some little and some huge, and my favorite ones are going Christmas tree hunting with all my aunts and uncles and my grandma and grandpa, my family decorating the tree together, the overplayed Christmas music, ice fishing, snowman making, snowball fights and making forts, and of course the cheesy movies we sit down as a family together and watch like The Grinch. All of it is so exciting and probably the best part of Christmas is that there is no way you can be sad or depressed. Every one is always in a cheerful mood and so happy and just plain having fun!

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