Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MY Main Concern..

**As a part of the student blogging challenge, I wrote a post for BAD 2009 on the topic of climate change.

Global Warming. Or should I say Global Climate Change. What is is? That would be my main concern. There's a catch though. Of course, I'm different then most, and you won't see me freaking and spazing out about our climate. Personally, I think it's a loud of CRAP! I'm sick of the news media and school saying how we need to change. Yes, we can stop polluting, yes, we can use more energy efficient technology, but we are taking such extream, rediculous precautions for something that is just cycling through our climate!!

According to (What's in a Name? Blobal Warming vs. Climate Change) To scientists Global Warming describes the greenhouse effect. Many scientist thought that humans could alter the climate. Yes, but what they didn't know is how. Either airborne particles (aerosols) would cause the climate to get cooler, or the greenhouse effect would cause warming. It all depended on what is more dominate. Now the consequences of the widescale changes right now being observed in Earth's climate system could be considerable. So why do we change the name Global Warming to Global Climate Change? The answer would be because Global Warming is not technically right. So what is Global Climate Change? To me the very vauge name given to explain currently what is happening to our climate is just pathetic. Global Climate change? Doesn't that pretty much describe any change in our climate what so ever? So technically any kind of change, whether its warmer or cooler, in our climate is "Global Climate Change."

The green house effect..Is our climate actually CURRENTLY getting warmer because of it? According to (Greenhouse Earth) Yes, but remember that the greenhouse effect is actually good too. Without it we would completely freeze and die.

Polar Bears..Are they dying and going extinct? NOO!!! Polar bears have produced RECORD LEVELS of their population. Populations are BOOMING! 5 TIMES as many polar bears today compared to 50 years ago! So why do we hear that they are dying? Are they on the endangered list?? Yes. Yes polar bears on the endangered list. The endangered list is a joke. Polar bears AREN'T on the endangered list BECAUSE they're endangered. They're on the list because 2 OUT OF 13 locations of main polar bear populations have in fact decreased. ONLY 2 OUT OF 13!!!! ALL the other locations have INCREASED, not only by a couple of bears, but by about 15 - 20,000 in each location! So tell me, HOW can polar bears be endangered, close to extinction, if they are BOOMING??

Global Warming. Global Climate Change. Whatever you want to call it, none of which is fact. They're theories, correlations. I am not denying the fact that our earth currently is warming. It's the climate! We aren't going to have the same tempature every year. Things are going to change. Be different. Now all the hype about this is getting annoying! So tell me. Are these the same scientists that said we would have a third ice age?? Are these the same scientists that said if we went outisde while it was raining our skin would melt from the acid rain?? Are these the same scientists that said the o-zone layer would be completly gone within so many years. Scientists have been wrong before. And they are wrong again!


Karlet :) said...

OMG lisa i thought you were ok with the polar bear thing! THE THING IS IN THOSE 2 PLACES THEY ARE IN DANGER! OK??? do you want to take this conversation to science class again!!!! really lisa, well it could be true what you are saing but i dont think you want to die for the changes in the clime!! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lisa you make me mad sometimes lol but you know i love you too! :)
anyway back to the climate change deat... Lisa if we can help to stop the change we should do it why wait until we cant do anything to fix it!!! oooh..... see you in biology class! lol && be ready to talk about this :P

A Hero will SAVE me just in Time said...

2 OUT OF 13 PLACES! It's such a JOKE! And Climate Change isn't real! Were taking such rediculous percautions for NOTHING! EVERYTHING CYCLES! So what the tempatures have changed. THEY ARE ALWAYS CHANGING! That's how that works. It's called seasons. Tempature. NORMAL! And if tempatures are supossedly warming, why are we getting colder?? Why did Wisonsin have a cool summer?? Why are we having such a cold fall?? An early winter?? WHY??

Anonymous said...

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